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Here's what my clients have to say...

PJ said:

The best decision I made this year was to start a personal training program with Mike DeMarzo. He’s above and beyond what I expected when I set out to find someone help me “get in shape.” Mike trains hard and smart. He pushes me, while making the workouts diverse and challenging each time. He not only understands what it takes to build a stronger, leaner, cleaner body – but also educates me along the way so I “get it” too. Mike’s accountability, encouragement, enthusiasm and expertise make him a first-class professional. I also enjoy the perspectives he shares on the mind-body connection ... a training session with Mike exercises your muscles and puts your thoughts in a positive state. Working with Mike, I get a real chance to improve my physical fitness and stay on track with my personal growth. A program with Mike leads to greater overall health, greater mental clarity and greater life balance as a result.

Don W. said:

Dear Mike: I have now trained with you for over 4 years, starting just before my 70th birthday, when my wife Sharon asked me to fill in for her in a training session with you. In the past, I had trained a few times with other trainers, but I did not see any real value in such training. I thought I knew how to work out and that I did not need another trainer to show me anything.It took only one session with you for me to realize that you were different from the rest. Your knowledge, skill, dedication, and most importantly, your attention to detail set you apart from the others. As a result of training with you, I feel good, and I'm physically able to do things that many of my peers cannot do. I credit training with you for giving me the ability to ski and play golf at a high level for my age.Thanks for doing a great job.

Michele L. said:

Mike is fantastic!  My time with him is gratifying on many levels.  Each session is filled with a custom tailored plan to help me achieve more success and newer milestones in my training.  I am challenged to rise to the occasion and have a great sense of reward after my workout.  Mike is knowledgeable and able to apply his skills in a meaningful way.

Rob S. said:

I met Mike in January 2013. I have had recurring back problems for many years and had been using various anti-inflammatory medications to keep myself active.Working with Mike has helped me in 4 significant areas:1) Increased my flexibility in upper back and shoulders2) Strengthened my core using a combination of weights and stretches3) introduced me to the use of the foam roller as a tool to relax nerves , loosen muscle, and increases blood flow.4) Provided me with a wide variety(almost too many) techniques to keep my workouts from becoming rote.The result for me at least is that I have been off the anti-inflammatory medications for months and have been able continue with my active life. I highly endorse Mike as a personal trainer, but caution you - the training session is not your usual walk in the park.

Mary S said:

​I started working out with Mike several months ago. I have found his approach to fitness works well with me. He understands what my fitness needs and goals are. He has strengthened my core, opened up my posture, and helped alleviate some aches and pains along the way. Mike continues to push me to excel and I am stronger for it. I would highly recommend him as a personal trainer.